Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Physical Activities in the United States have reduced by 39% during the Quarantine

US citizens are going into their quarantines and staying indoors as the threat of COVID-19 looms large. Data from sleep and activity tracking has seen large shifts in trends in last few weeks.

Physical activity around the globe has already plunged down significantly and now public in United States are getting coming towards it as well.

COVID-19 Pulse, a research project dedicated towards delivering insights about how people are reacting towards the pandemic. This viral outbreak has seen a significant shift in trends in day to day lives of public around the world. This shift in trends was deduced from a study of data gathered from around 159,000 US citizens. A significant portion of these 159,000 people were smartwatch and fitness tracker users from. This research included people who use wearables of Garmin, Apple, FitBit and a few other wearables.

All this gathered data showed a significant decline in weekly steps count of the users between First and Penultimate weeks of March. From 1st of March to 24th of March, step count declined by a massive 39%. A rapid decline was seen as soon as President Trump announced national emergency by the mid of March 2020.

“We’re all staying at home and a lot less active, we’re sleeping more, we’re snacking more, and we’re keeping an eye on our health at home,” said Christine Lemke. “Mostly, we wanted to see differences in states. We know states are seeing different symptom rates and different disease rates. We’re doing this study to watch the trend over time.” Christine is the president of Evidation Health.

To nobody’s surprise, the statistic for Sleep activity are on the rise as an increase of 20% has been observed by the researchers since 13th of March. More Americans are spending time in bed as the time passes and weekly average has only been on the rise with every passing week.


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