PerformTek Sensors – The PULSE Of The Wearable World


Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Valencell develops high-performance biometric sensor technology and licenses its patent-protected technology for a high range of products. Valencell’s PerformTek-powered sensor technology is the most accurate wearable biometric sensor technology that continuously measures heart rate and activity.

PerformTek Sensors - The PULSE Of The Wearable World PerformTek-powered sensors are used in wearables for virtually anyone, doing anything, anywhere. It continuously measures heart rate, VO2, calories burned and cadence with unmatched, scientifically validated accuracy.

Valencell’s PerformTek sensor measures more real-time biometric data than other fitness monitors, with a high degree of accuracy, and does so in a single device. Seamless integration of PerformTek sensor technology within wearable devices makes it ideal for use in fitness training, athletic performance coaching, gaming and many other related applications.

PerformTek Sensors - The PULSE Of The Wearable World

Valencell has executed thousands of tests to prove the robustness of the Valencell biometric sensor technology during many different physical activities and environmental conditions.

PerformTek is more accurate and consistent at estimating calories burned when compared with a pedometer because the algorithm for calories burned leverages both the optical and accelerometer signals, whereas pedometers are limited to the accelerometer signal only. PerformTek-powered products can also measure what’s going on inside your body (not just footsteps), they are much better at estimating your true calories burned.

PerformTek Sensors - The PULSE Of The Wearable World

Perform Tek sensors and technologies stay true to their slogan. The products literally are the “pulse of the wearable world”. The technology has been clinically validated in earbuds, armbands, wristbands and more. Many famous companies have already partnered with this amazing tech to make their products useful. Jabra, LG, Intel, and Scosche are some of the many names.

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