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Pebble rolls new “Quiet Time” update for its watches

Pebble- a proud owner of Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel is up for something new. The company just released a new firmware update for its both old and new watches.

Before reviewing and telling about the new features, I must say that Pebble is quite serious about its smartwatches and therefore has released some quite new features in the new update.

Let’s start with the Quiet Time feature which the new update includes. This is the notification silence feature. It means that if you are not interested in swarming yourself with lots of updates you can switch them off for some time period. You can active that later, when you are in a mood to see the flood of notifications. Quiet Time can also be customized to allow phone calls to come through that are just in case you are waiting for someone special to call.


Quiet Time is “quite” a new feature any smartwatch offers. This is something important if you are in any important business meeting and you are irritated with the swarm of notifications on your wrist. Simply switch it off until you find time to check. Also, the feature to set quiet times throughout the week any day will be helpful to pre-plan anything. This new feature is definitely a plus point for not so good looking watch.

Apart from announcing this new feature, Pebble also upgraded Android and iOS apps with a new look. Additional language support and features which work with the firmware update are also a part of the exclusive update. Keep in your mind that app needs to be updated in order to upgrade the watch firmware.

The changes in language settings have also been made with the new Firmware 3.4. This means that now there is language option to choose from, that are French, German, and Spanish. The language feature is also profitable to the customers who have one of the languages as native language. So now they can easily opt for their own favorite language.

Last but not the least; another feature is the Stand-By Mode. It automatically deactivates your watch’s Bluetooth when the watch is not in use for constant thirty minutes. The Bluetooth will reconnect when you touch your device or it is in motion again. This feature is helpful because it will reduce the power consumption by 50% which is quite a big percentage. This is same to you switching off your GPS or Wi-Fi on your mobile when you are not using it. But, in Pebble’s case you won’t have to do anything at all. Just put our watch and you are done. Quite impressive, right? The feature is off by default and can be switched on by going into the setting in the system.

To benefit from all the updates that have been rolled by the Pebble management into your PebbleTime or Pebble Time Steel all you have to do is too update to Firmware 3.4. Go to the Pebble Time app by going to Menu> Support and then finally Update your Pebble.

All in all, the prospect of so much new in the Firmware 3.4 is great. Pebble is serious about its watches and wants to attract the large mass of audiences. Although, it seems to be seem that how this new update works. But the chances are quite positive due to the simplicity of the new features.

In a nut shell, it seems that Pebble is in a win win situation! Let’s wait to see more. Till then tell us about your opinion or your experience if you are a Pebble user.




Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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