PEAR Sports And Mio Global Combine Their Strength Towards Sports!


Mio Global has been active in diffusing its energy towards wearables and their development. This time, the company has partnered with PEAR Sports in order to make the lives of the sportsmen much easier.

In order to improve the fitness training of the athletes, PEAR sports training app will work with Mio Global’s heart monitoring wristband. Both the technologies will help in training the athletes better. Mio’s Fuse Band will now support the app and will show the workout progress to the athletes. The heart rate data monitored with the app’s audio training updates will really help the players.

PEAR Sports And Mio Global Combine Their Strength Towards Sports!

This combination is significant for athletes. They will be able to know how their workout is helping their health and their effectiveness in sports. The sports men will be able to personalize their own workouts instantly with the help of the provided data.

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Liz Dickinson, the CEO of Mio Global, declared the importance of the partnership as;

“More than steps counted or calories burned, your heart is the most accurate indicator of your fitness, so we’re very excited to partner with PEAR Sports’ innovative coaching platform that uses heart rate as a key performance indicator.”

PEAR Sports And Mio Global Combine Their Strength Towards Sports!

PEAR Sport’s platform has over 500 different workout programs. The app also provides the users with instant audio workout data from a range of experts. In October, PEAR Sports and Mio FUSE will begin to help improve a personalized weight management program. Both the companies have been actively partnering in order to bring fitness into the sports world. Mio Global’s heart rate monitoring capability is accurate and provides to the point data. On the other hand, the app will be able to spread the pros and cons of the user workouts in front of them without any hassle. This partnership is extremely purposeful for athletes of all sports.

Mio FUSE + PEAR Fitness is currently available on Amazon as well as on Mio Global’s website. The $99 package includes a FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep + Activity Tracker and three free months of unlimited PEAR coaching. If you opt for an independent purchase, Mio FUSE costs $99 and a 12 month PEAR membership costs $29.95.


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