Pavlok Helps Athletes Workout Better And Get Rid Of Bad Habits


Are you a fitness geek? Or are you a sports professional trying to get rid of your habit of skipping intense workouts? Well, there is a solution which will help you muster some energy to go to the gym and burn some calories or to put up some muscles. The Pavlok Wristband will shock you in order to make you remember about your gym routine.

Pavlok will jolt you whenever you try to miss out on something and opt for sleep or just laying on the bed instead. The device functions when the user set an alarm, and gently vibrates and wakes you up. But, what if you keep hitting the snooze button? “Pavlok can deliver just enough of a ‘jolt’ to get you up and running — with adrenaline.”

Pavlok Helps Athletes Workout Better And Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Pavlok is the first device that breaks habits by deleting temptation out of you. It associates a mild zap with your bad habit, training your brain to stop liking the habit. The device not only helps you to stop sleeping so much or missing on something but it guides to stop whatever habit you want. All the users have to do is download the app, and choose the habit they want to break. Wear your wristband and listen to the 5-minute audio training sessions. The app will automatically trigger the Pavlok, users simply have to pay attention.

Use Pavlok’s Zap when you do the bad habit. The device can be triggered by sensors and apps, a remote control, and manually. The website states that;

“It might seem like your habit is broken in 3-4 days. Continue doing the bad habit (with zap) for at least five days, making you do the bad habit on purpose if necessary. The longer you continue, the more permanently the habit stays broken.”

Pavlok Helps Athletes Workout Better And Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Pavlok is a promising device and is first of its nature. The company has claimed that the wearable  has helped hundreds quit smoking, nail-biting, unhealthy eating, overspending, and more. So, if you do have some bad habit from which you want to get away, just zap it away with the help of Pavlok.

After using, if you think that the wearable is useless and isn’t helping you the company also give you a 6-month, 100% money back guarantee. The device is available for $179 and can be ordered from here.



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