Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Pandora Apple Watch Application Works Independent of an iPhone Now

The Pandora Apple Watch Application has received an upgrade and it doesn’t not need an iPhone to function anymore. And now you can hear the tunes on the go if you have premium subscription.

This update is gradually rolling out and you might have to end up waiting for a few days before you can make use of it. But when it finally will reach you, you will be able to enjoy the Pandora application as a standalone smartwatch application that does not need any assistance from an iPhone. Users who wanted to listen to podcasts or music without having to depend on their phone might find this update very useful.

All you need to do in order to get advantage of this feature is to have an Apple watch with cellular connection or WiFi connectivity. This features works for premium users so far there for you will also need a subscription as well which costs only $9.99 for a month.

Prior to this, the only way to enjoy standalone music experience from the watch was to get the music downloaded on it. It was also possible to listen to music with the help of smartphone tethering as well. However, a standalone and detached experience sounds much more fitting.

Pandora now stands one step ahead against Deezer and Spotify. Both of these music streaming applications need iPhone connectivity. Apple Music however already offers direct streaming of podcasts and music on the go. And now with introduction of this new update, Pandora is in direct competition with it by offering a practical alternative.

Pandora streaming service can be accessed through both, a smartphone application or an internet browser. More than 63.1 million active users make it one of the biggest name in Internet Radio  as it also owns around 70% shares in the market.

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