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Pakistan’s first-ever smartwatch for tremor patients!



Tremor is the disease which is considered as deleterious and destructive for the active life of an individual. There are many treatment methods discovered which can reduce the intensity of the situation but no proper diagnostic and treatment method has yet been found. It is basically a neurological disease in which the legs, head or hands of the patient starts shaking without being forced.

As we know, various wearables are being invented around the world to control and measure the intensity of different diseases; Pakistan has jumped in to the field too.

A startup Pakistani company has designed a watch specifically for tremor patients. The product is named as Trequant’s Tremor Quantifying device. The new watch will help in detecting the severity of the disease. It will also help in judging the effect of the medicine being taken to prevent the intensive shaking of the body parts.


The product’s website mentions that the watch will assist in effectual assessment but will also keep the families and the doctors updated with the new improvements and diagnosis. The manufacturers also say that the watch was built with a purpose to give medical attention without being obvious of its need.

“The device looks like a conventional wrist-watch. This protects the patient’s privacy and saves them from intriguing questions by onlookers.”

Trequant can synchronize with smartphones, tablets and laptops etc. An application will be installed in the respective gadgets which than works on tracking and analyzing tremor frequencies. The data will be saved in the cloud; to share with the medical experts and Doctors etc. The device tracks tremor patterns via kinetic sensors and transmits the data to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

There is a ring around the watch face which will show you the remaining battery in a single look. The battery can last for two days on a single charge. The watch can also keep a backup of data for 24 hours in case you don’t have a smartphone that is connected with the device.

Apart from handling the tremor-related situations, the watch can also send messages, receive calls, monitor your sleep and be an alarm.

Even Doctors are excited for this new product and Dr Maimoona, The head of Neurology Sciences Department at Shifa Hospital said that;

 “This device will not only help in diagnostics but also in guiding therapy, moreover, it’s very practical, handy and useful.”

After the launch, the early registrants will able to get the watch for Rs20, 000 while the regular cost will be around Rs25, 000.

Trequant promises a bright and positive future of the technology for medical conditions in Pakistan. While, we cannot be sure that this watch is going to deliver us all it has promised. But, the sole thing we are confident about is that; this new venture has opened doors for more technology-oriented treatment and products in Pakistan.