Pace…Me: The First Wearable Visual Pacing Device for Athletes


Pace…Me is a new wearable that uses LED lights to let swimmers and athletes visually monitor their pace and intervals.

Pace...Me- First Wearable Visual Pacing Device for Athletes

It is a simple solution to a chronic problem. Pacing. Proper pacing has the ability to transform performance, helping athletes beat their best times and finish workouts and races stronger than they thought possible.

Pace…Me uses patent pending LED technology to give you a visual feedback on your pace. Pace…Me’s dual LED lights flash at designated times so athletes can understand their pace during their workout and adjust their speed accordingly. The device is attached to goggles and fitness eyewear, so that the users can make the most out of it, anywhere they go.

Pace...Me- First Wearable Visual Pacing Device for Athletes

When swimming with goggles the wearer’s line of sight is clear and the Pace…Me lights are impossible to miss. Whereas, the other audio alerts and vibrations can easily be missed in the midst of a workout. Pace…Me is waterproof, lightweight and, as mentioned, attaches to any eyewear. The wearable is just a maestro in itself and needs no help from the app or any other tool. Make the most of your workout with one simple device! All users have to is to set their pace and they are all set to see Pace…Me in action.

The company on its Kickstarter campaign mentions;

“Pace…Me is inspired by our love of fitness and desire to help athletes of all levels transform their performance. We started out with a simple goal – to help swimmers take control of their pace. The longer we worked on this project the more we met athletes who had new and exciting ideas for how to introduce Pace…Me into their everyday life. Whether it was a yoga instructor using it for breath count, a triathlete who wanted to use it for nutrition monitoring or an at home fitness enthusiast who wanted to use it for bootcamp workouts.”

Pace...Me- First Wearable Visual Pacing Device for Athletes

The device is currently up and running on Kickstarter with the goal of $15,000 and 23 days to go. For the early-birds, Pace…Me is available for the whooping discount prize of $65.