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OYO Fitness Brings You Your Personal Portable Total Body Gym


Have you ever dreamt of carrying your gym folded in a carry bag where ever you go? Have you imagined a fully equipped gym weighing only 2 lbs. allowing you to work out while watching TV or in a park or by the sea?

DoubleFlex Total Body Portable Gym is the answer to all your questions! This personal, portable gym called OYO Fitness enables you to perform over 100 exercises!

It is the world’s only physical training equipment which exerts resistance to both sides of muscle groups in one motion! It combines! It combines strength with movement, without utilizing weight or momentum, to build a balanced body in half the time.

DoubleFlex Portable Gym helps to improve the muscle tone through its numerous resistance exercises. It gives the same extent of resistance as a person may get from investing time and money in large gyms.

DoubleFlex Portable Gym is based on the technology known as SpiraFlex. This technology was originally developed by NASA astronauts living and working in the International Space Station.

SpiraFlex technology is furnished with resistance bands that build up the muscles. These bands are safer and easier to use than free weights. They are more effective as they provide greater control over the movements and allow multiple muscle groups to exercise at one time.

The portable gym comes with a DVD and a nutritional guide. It has more than 100 exercises to complement the workout plan. The equipment needs 8-20 minutes of yours daily. You can choose from several workouts such as total body, arms/shoulders, chest/back, buttocks/thighs, abs/core, yoga, Pilates etc.

The device is currently up for preorder at KickStarter.

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