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Owlet Updates Its Smart Baby Sock


Owlet Baby Care has managed to maintain its position as the most esteemed startups in the smart infant monitoring space. The company has strong support in the form of funds; it has its own medical director and has conducted some validation studies on its technology. However, it doesn’t have FDA clearance as yet.

Only last week Owlet announced launch of an updated version of its Smart Sock. Smart Sock 2 is for babies of one year and younger. It is a health monitoring smart sock that can be wrapped gently around your baby’s foot.

Owlet Smart Sock tracks heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation level through its pulse oximetry and sleep data. It acts as the night guard for your infant tracking his/her vitals. Smart Sock 2 is facilitated with a more comfortable and breathable design for the baby; yet it isn’t too lousy to let your baby break it off. It stays firm in this place and can be placed on either foot, allowing parents to swap it whenever needed.

Owlet has also updated its sensor placement to a more accurate and a more intuitive one. It also comes with an enhanced Bluetooth range. It will function even if the sock is around 100 feet from its base station.

Smart Sock 2 is hypoallergenic, Latex Free, BPA Free, and Lead Free.

According to Owlet CEO and cofounder Kurt Workman, “From day one, our mission at Owlet has been to revolutionize the way we care for our infants, and that starts with understanding their overall health.”

Along with its Smart Sock, the company has also announced launch of an innovative connected health system. Connected Care platform will allow parents to see and analyze the insights and trends of their baby’s heath to make more timely decisions and chart the course of their baby’s development. It will also include the history of previously tracked data and highlights events of alarming insights. Connected Care platform will be launched this summer.

The company also plans to initiate partnerships with other organizations working for the health and wellbeing of babies to integrate a wider and wholesome picture of infant health.

In its press release, the company writes, “Owlet’s vision is that with the Connected Care platform, parents and medical professionals may one day be able to identify patterns and trends in an infant’s vitals leading to early illness detection, as well as underlying health issues,” “These may include sleep irregularities, RSV, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, chronic lung disorders (CLDI) and Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).”