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Ovao Goggles Will Be The Most Realistic Swimming Gadget

Though water resistance is a standard feature in almost all fitness tracking wristbands and smartwatches, but have you ever thought about the swimmers? How are swimmers supposed to track real-time stats from a wristband and also swim simultaneously?

Well, Ovao did!

“We were looking for the least intrusive ways of providing feedback to swimmers,” Ovao CEO Aldas Juronis told e52.

Ovao is a technology startup based in Lithuania. They identified the vacuum in the market when it came to fitness tracking for swimmers. The think tank at Ovao came up with an idea to transform your ordinary goggles into smart goggles.

They’ve created a virtual training assistant that can be hooked to the strap of any goggles. It comes with a connecting app for your smartphone. Set your training regimen through the smartphone. It has workout program options such as fat burning, swimming performance improvement and endurance training. it has 5 color codes indicating the intensity of workout.





For example, when you start swimming, the device will be blue. In 8-10 minutes, it’ll start blinking signaling you to increase your speed. Every time you enter into a more rapid heart rate range, the device will change color.

“You just have to remember five colors which indicate your heart rate zone. When you are able to track your heart rate zones while training, you can achieve better results within less time,” says Aldas Juronis.

As standard to all other swimming trackers, Ovao’s device will also analyze stroke rate, stroke count, lap time, lap count, speed, pace and calories burned. A workout history and further analysis of each of these metrics is available in the app.

Ovao is still working on brushing up the hardware and software of the device and the team has not yet revealed any launching date.

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