Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Oura Smart Ring Health Tracker for Sportsmen

Lately, the Oura Smart Ring Health Tracker for Sportsmen have been introduced. As players around the world are turning back to sports, this new gadget will be very useful.

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This new technical adaptation will help the sportsmen to stay safe. The Corona virus pandemic has hit the world hard. Many players and coaches were tested positive for this. Also, an estimated $5 billions have been lost in revenue by five major sports leagues globally.

oura ring
Oura Smart Ring Tracker

Therefore, to keep track of players’ health it was compulsory to introduce such a gadget. The Oura Smart Ring Health Tracker can monitor the heart and pulse rate of the user. It can monitor sleeping patterns and also any body temperature changes. It will evaluate a ‘Risk Score’ that can determine potential symptoms of different illnesses. This includes Covid-19 as well.

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Subsequently, team officials will be informed about potential signs of sickness present in any player. They will have access to their Risk Score. This score will be determined each morning before the athlete begins his daily routine. Correspondingly, a message will be sent to the management about the current score and condition.

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Lately, many players and sportsmen from various leagues have agreed to try out the Oura Ring Health Tracker. However, some coaches and sportspersons have rejected the idea of wearing this gadget. Due to privacy concerns, they do not want their personal information and location to be spread to others.

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The Oura Smart Ring Health Tracker is more of a ‘tracking device’. Still in its early stages of development, its basic use is to only determine if the player needs any kind of further tests.

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