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Oura – A high-end, power packed, luxury smart ring!

A number of companies have came up with smart rings with highly accurate data tracking, a modern-edgy design and valuable insights; one of the smart jewellery brand Oura satisfies mostly all the customer needs.

Oura is a sleek, trendy looking ring made from ceramic compound called Zirconia. It is water proof upto 50m, feels comfortable, it’s non allergenic and has a good durability. Oura has a high-shine finish which renders it both strong and attractive looking. Oura is available in Mirror black, arctic white and Stealth Black colors.

Oura presents to customers in three categories viz, Sleep, Activity and Readiness. It can provide with a total breakdown of each day’s sleep cycles, total sleep time, efficiency, disturbances, latency along with the awake time, REM sleep, light sleep or deep sleep.

Oura has recently launched Oura Cloud through which one can access all your data and getting a better look at all the activities. Oura can also predict your body temperature, your resting heart rate and your recovery index.

Oura monitors the duration and intensity of its activities through its accelerometer. It features an optical heart rate sensor which uses an LED transmitter and receiver to measure the arteries in your finger and figure out heart rate variability, pulse amplitude and respiration rate.

Oura is said to have a super amazing battery life of upto five days. It comes with a charging station and it usually takes a few hours to reach its full capacity and the app is really good at notifying of remaining battery life and reminding user to plug it up.

The downsides of this product are its expensive cost, no HR data for workouts and not enough actionable insights otherwise the Oura is a smart, high-end wearable packed with sensors with a simply display. It can keep tabs on activities and provide all time luxury monitoring.

Anoosha Iqbal
A medic-in-making by day, an enthusiast for crazy side projects by night.

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