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Otago Polytechnic All Set to Lead The World of Sports Science

Otago Polytechnic becomes the leading institute to integrate the latest sports GPS technology.

Micro-sensor technology has been created by GPSports which will be functionalized in partnership with Otago Institute of Sport and Adventure at Otago Polytechnic. The institute will commence a certificate course to train personnel on operating and managing the device and also to analyze its information. The course has been called as the Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Analysis and Conditioning Specialties).

This highly precise technology and the analysis of its results let sportsmen, teams and coaches to monitor and enhance training loads, set individualized targets and reduce the health risks and injuries associated with conditioning and training.

The importance and value of this device can be assessed by the fact that some of the most renowned sports teams of the world have already signed up for the devices. These include the Wallabies, Chelsea Football Club and Real Madrid.

GPSports will be updating sports equipment of Otago Polytechnic in May 2017; this will make them the first institute in the world with the approved technology.

According to Senior Lecturer at Otago Polytechnic, Mat Blair, “The new micro-sensor technology shows Otago Polytechnic is world leading. The students here will be trained the best monitoring and analysis techniques with the latest technology.” He found it very thrilling for the institute to be the leading one in sport technology.

According to Mr. Damien Hawes, GPSports Commercial Director, “GPSports has enjoyed a decade-long relationship with Otago Polytechnic. It is very delighted to associate its work with an extraordinary academic team. This collaboration will produce real-world applied research to make sportsmen’s’ training more precise and productive.”

“All sports with high performance programs have our technology. To survive in this industry for a long time, it becomes mandatory to have command over it not only in terms of competitively operating it but also analyzing the data” says Mr Hawes.

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