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Orreco: Optimizing Athlete Performance

Orreco was founded by Dr. Brian Moore and Dr. Andrew Hodgson, inspired by love of sport and fascination with what drives performance in athletes. Their goal was to use proven sports and data science in order to enable athletes to consistently perform at their very best. It basically allow players with timely and customized interventions based on their own information, specific to each athlete’s requirements. It causes 50% reduction in soft tissue injuries and 50% reduction in training days lost due to any potential injury. Their players respond well to the individualization enabling them to play a significant role in their own recovery status.

Orreco is used to analyze bio-markers of an athlete, identifying indicators which are linked to injury or wellness. GPS data is also mapped against other connected inputs such as rating of perceived exertion (RPE) and injury statistics to deliver insights which are meaningful. Moreover, proprietary deep learning algorithms generate dashboard alerts which indicate potential risk of an injury. Training load is mapped using a blend of data sources and sports science. You can also adjust the impact of training volume and intensity.

Sleep could be monitored using Orreco. Personalized sleep strategies are generated to monitor sleep of an athlete, increasing sleep quality and accelerate recovery. Orreco also generates personalized nutrition strategies to maximize health training adaptation and performance of an athlete. Nutrition solutions are based on a combination of performance goals, bio-markers and various indicators.

Scientists of Orreco are recognized leaders in research into the multiple causes of over-training syndrome. Their interdisciplinary team specializes in developing customized programs to return chronically fatigued athletes back to peak performance.

Orreco works with coaching, performance and medical staff to make sense of your information. It applies advanced research driven solutions in science and analytics to deliver actionable insights and strategies which help keep your players off the bench and ready to perform.

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