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Orii – The Fastest Way to go Screen-less.

Who remembers the time when everyone use to have a Bluetooth earpiece and it was the coolest thing ever? If you had one of those things, you must also remember how much of a nuisance it was to actually have one inside your ear! Gone are the days of Bluetooth earpieces, despite of all the modernized compactness of the newer models. Today we bring you an alternative solution to this; Orii. This Hong Kong based startup called Origami Labs have modified the concept of a Bluetooth earpiece in to a wearable ring.

How does it work?

Orii receives audio from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. It then transmits the sound vibrations through your finger tip to your ear by using bone conduction technology. This allows a clear playback of whatever is running on your phone, from calls to music.

You can also access Siri or Google Assistant for the complete hand-free experience. You can also give commands through Orii’s dual noise cancelling microphones.

The Design:

Orii’s final design was made by an award winning Italian product designer Andrea Ponti. It is made in the most sleek and stylish way that allows you to maintain communication discreetly. Origami Labs focused on a design that was suitable for everyday use. It is splash proof so that you can enjoy the rain or a good workout without worrying about your ring.

It also allows personalized notifications. You can designate a color to your favorite apps and contacts. The LED light lets you know what kind of notification is coming through.

Orii ring is available in 4 different styles with scratch-proof anodized aluminum finish. It gives you the freedom to choose whatever suits your personal style best.

Battery and Charging:

Orii runs on a 50 mAh battery that means you can take around 20 short calls and receive 200 text messages. It also has a charging dock that is portable and can also look sleek while resting on your desk. The plus point? It can charge the ring up to 5 times. It has a charging time of one hour.


Orii ring has completed its Kickstarter Campaign and looking forward to ship its orders in February 2018. It is available for pre-order at $129 on Indiegogo.

Laraib Zafar
A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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