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OptimEye S5: Athlete Tracking Technology

OptimEye S5 is one of the most extensively used athlete tracking technology in elite sports. First rate GPS obtained movement statistics combined with Catapult’s distinctive suite of indicating inertial sensor measurements imparts the most challenging of practitioners invaluable understanding into the sportsperson’s performance.

OptimEye has the access to both GPS technology and GLONASS satellites which ensures high definition signals even in difficult situations.

Instant data provides players with the opportunity to improve their performances by using the objective information gathered through the device. Detailed data analysis after the game permits for the most granulated reports of both training and match sessions.

From the intensified fast bowling in cricket to calculating the strides in ice hockey, OptimEye is the mix of inertial sensor statistics and machine feeding techniques which allows the sportsperson to respond to their specific sport related queries.

OptimEye is widely used and trusted sports tracking device which has been cited in over a 100 scientific articles globally. Here are the few teams using OptimEye.

“I’ve done a lot of research into the different devices of GPS units and I’ve always been very, very satisfied about the accuracy and reliability of the Catapult devices. It’s become such a key part in what we do at training, the equipment is just part of the kit that the players wear. They’ll put the shorts and t-shirt on, they’ll put the GPS and the heart rate monitor on, and then they’ll get the shin pads and the boots on. It’s just part of the kit,” says Jamie Harley, Head of Sports Science, Newcastle United.




The number one goal of this system right now is trying to help prevent injury as well as help us with the rehab process. There are a lot of different things that go in to it, but the biggest thing is how can we monitor guys on the field to help us get the information? What do they really do at their position? How far does a receiver really run in practice? How fast does a receiver run in practice? Then create standards for each positional group to be able to say, ‘Well this guy has done four days in a row in this (work) rate zone, this guy is at risk of injury’,” said Eric Chiano,Strength and Conditioning coordinator, Buffalo Bills.

OptimEye S5 Specifications

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