Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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OpenField: The Software A Team Needs

OpenField is a cloud-based methodical platform that possesses unparalleled flexibility accommodating professionals report and demonstrate the data in a manner that suits them the best and the needs of their organization.

OpenField allows you to take things your way by customizing your own dashboards and styling your own layouts. It also gives you the option to select from a wide range of pre-designed, built-in, pre-formed dashboards. So you always have the choice to go for personalized as well as customized ideas.

This software the advantage of asking all sorts of questions, complex or simple. Just as bigger organizations allow that their data be questioned, OpenField lets you map athlete potential.

OpenField lets you map all the performances to anticipate any injuries and prepare for them beforehand because it keeps a track of all the performances in retrospect and allows you to plan for the present moment so that 100% efficiency in athlete’s performances is maintained.

In collaboration with Apple, OpenField has launched an application called OpenField+ Live which helps people keep track of practice sessions or view live performances and also allow coaches to make apt decisions instantaneously.

The OpenField+ App allows the trainers to design activities and sessions on their cell-phones instantly. In this way trainers can spend more time with the athletes and obviate post-training sessions maintenance by managing and analyzing in the field.

OpenField has a great privacy policy where it protects the data of the teams as the people at Catapult are aware of the increasing demand and need for safeguarding the data. This is ensured by providing the teams with elite digital security and safety systems.

OpenField helps measure athlete movements by using PlayerLoad metrics and overall distance in order to manage and mitigate the injuries in an efficient way.

“Being both an S&C and sport scientist, takes up a lot of time, however Catapult has sped up the process of generating reports for all members of the coaching team (coaches, GK coaches, medical etc). Which previously I had spent hours in excel to achieve the same result,” says Sam Boylett-Long, Head of Strength and Conditioning, Reading FC Women.

“Using Acute:Chronic workload on a daily basis and also look at the players % of match in the following variables: Total Player Load, high intensity running distance, high speed running distance, sprint distance and intense accelerations or decelerations,” said PhD Dr. Dan Fransson, Sport Scientist, IF Elfsborg & University of Gothenburg.

“For us, metrics that are important include: metres per minute, metabolic power (banded), player load (banded), high speed running distance, top end distance, maximal velocity, and accelerations,” stated David Sobey, Assistance Performance Analyst -Sport Science, North Melbourne Kangaroos FC (AFL).

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