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One of a Kind Heated Jacket with Reflectors and Movement Trackers

This special heating tracker jacket by AppWEAR enables the user to change temperature with an easy to use smartphone application. It also monitors the motion and movements of the wearer.

Named “Warming Tracker”, this smart wearable is one of a kind with features never seen before even in the most advanced heating jackets. It comes with some of the most amazing features which are controlled over an app on smartphones. This jacket is designed for both men and women.

This Warming Tracker vest and jacket comes with LED silicon buttons for the manual controlling of the temperature. The jacket is warmed by heating pads in placed in front as well as back of the jacket. System of composite heating gives dependability and durability to this jacket while RECCO tag gives it an extra layer of safety. Hand drying it after washing it on delicate settings won’t hurt a thing in this jacket. Designed to be rain and water resistant, this jacket also carries insulation in its fabric for extra warmth. Heat can be adjusted on four levels based on your comfort and surroundings. All these features make this jacket an ideal companion to have while visiting outdoors in any kind of cold weather. Amazing twelve-hour running time on battery just makes it all even better.

Temperature can also be controlled by smartphone application by AppWEAR. This application also has the geolocating feature which means it can pin point your location with high accuracy and even notify your friends. The app pairs with the jacket via Bluetooth through which the user can switch between four heat modes of the jacket. The mobile application also monitors and analyses your movements enabling you to have a second look at all your activities and how you can make perform them better with higher efficiency. The mobile application is available on both platforms, IOS as well as Android.

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