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OnCourse Goggles lets your swim straight in open waters

oncoursegogglesOnCourse Goggles are simple yet effective wearable that helps you swim straight in open water. As you change the course, the LED’s on the Goggles directs you back to the course.

Swimming in a straight line is difficult. Some swimmers struggle to swim straight and often tend to go zig-zag through the water wasting precious time and energy.

The company behind these patent pending goggles believes a swimmer can have up to 15% performance gain and save up to 6 seconds (in 1500m swim) while reducing anxiety by 99%. The overall performance gains are better than any other performance enhancing gears.

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The design includes a point-and-click compass accessible via single button press, LED array to alert users and various other sensors to detect your direction.

These goggles come in two variants. The inner orbit fit is designed for swimmers that have smaller eye sockets and are used to goggles that fit within the eye socket.  The second is the Mid Orbit model that is designed for swimmers looking for a mid-eye fit and are used to goggles that fit more towards the outside of the eye socket.

The goggles are built using soft silicon and feature a polarized lens, anti-fog coating, UV protection and a comfortable strap. It can be charged with USB device though the battery life is known. The product was to be made available in the summer of 2016 however we are yet to see the buy it now tag. The price also remains unknown.

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