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Omron unveils HealthGuide at CES 2019

Omron, a health tech company from Japan, has unveiled a smartwatch called HeartGuide in Las Vegas at this year’s CES. This is a blood pressure smartwatch and it was unveiled side by side with Omron Complete. A device for monitoring blood pressure, Omron Complete is equipped with capabilities of EKG. Omron has been working hard in the fight against heart related problems and both these devices have been developed with same goal in mind. Termed “Going for Zero”, this mission has been named very appropriately.

“There are 103 million hypertensive Americans and, this year, Omron Healthcare will offer a range of devices tailored to serve every one of them,” Said Ranndy Kellog

“More than 80% of heart attacks and strokes are preventable with lifestyle changes. It all begins with regular blood pressure monitoring and achieving better insights into your heart health.” He added.

Daily goals and reminders can be set on HeartGuide to get a true experience of a smartwatch. In addition to that, you also get notified for incoming calls, emails and text messages on your mobile phones. Battery life of this smartwatch depends on how much it is being used. It may require to be charged for about 2 or 3 times in one week.

Randy is not only the president but also the Chief Executive Officer of Omron HealthCare. He emphasized on the assistance these devices can offer to reduce risks related to cardiac issues.

“Having the ability to measure two important risk factors for stroke in one device provides those living with AFib a simple and more accessible way to keep track of their condition and know when to seek treatment. This kind of control can mean lower risk of stroke and greater peace of mind,” added Kellogg.

Omron HeartGuide costs $499 and is only available in United States for now. It can be ordered online.

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