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Omate Wherecom S3 Smartwatch Keeps A Check On Seniors’!

Omate Wherecom S3 Smartwatch Keeps A Check On Seniors'!

Omate has been the popular name in the world of Smartwatches for kids. With its K3 Smartwatch, the device helped many kids. Now, the company is focusing on the elderly. Omate has come up with a new Wherecom S3 Smartwatch for the elders.

The Omate Wherecom S3 is an Android powered Smartwatch will powers untethered from your Smartphone. It has 3G and also works as a GPS tracker. The concept of the Smartwatch revolved around the protection of the elderly. Omate has partnered with Monitorlinq to offer alert services and advanced location so that you can easily stay aware of the sensitive members of your family or simply the adults.

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Omate Wherecom S3 Smartwatch Keeps A Check On Seniors'!

There is also a dialer, message hub, and an alarm to alert the users when they should take their medication. There’s also a built-in pedometer and a one-click SOS button, which will notify contacts over Wi-Fi or 3G about the GPS location of the user. The Omate Wherecom S3, with the help of the advanced GPS, 3G, and Wi-Fi, helps to deliver the most accurate positioning alerts ever.

The battery life of S3 is supposed to work up for 2 days on a single charge. The Omate Wherecom S3 will be priced at €149. The unlocked version of the device will be available in Spain and France from September. The Monitorlinq services will be available before the end of this year.

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