Ollinfit is a wearable personal trainer for “weightlifting”


You want to have your own digital, tech-fitted wearable trainer? Well, you can have one! Because, Ollinfit claims to be the personal trainer you would have ever wanted.

Ollinfit is a set of three different wearable devices that monitors your exercise, swiftly and efficiently. Your very own personal trainer guides you about your workouts with supreme accuracy and tells you about the details within no time. Every individual at his or her own level gets the required training.

Ollinfit is a personal trainer for "weightlifting"

Ollinfit has some amazing features like audio feedback during your intense exercise sessions with real data provision within no time. The sensors vibrate whenever your posture during the exercise is incorrect or harmful. The three sensors must be strategically positioned on your body parts, so that Ollinfit significantly covers all your body parts and their movements.

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All the essentials of the workout are communicated with you through a Smartphone app. You can get an overview of you exercise basics throughout the week. Moreover, you can also create your own workout schedule and even choose the schedules created by the Ollinfit’s official trainers.

If you want to perform certain exercise and don’t know how, don’t worry Ollinfit will guide you about the functioning. You can also see your form rating, trainer feedback, and rep count etc pre and post exercise and weightlifting. The wearable will also recommend you from time to time regarding the increase or decrease in the weights during lifting.

Ollinfit is a wearable personal trainer for "weightlifting"

Based on your performance, Ollinfit recommends the ideal weight for your next set to maximize your results and minimize risks of injury. Choose the personal trainers and they will guide you how weightlifting is positively done and will provide you feedback within no time.

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Ollinfit is one of the landmark wearable in the area of weightlifting. We do not have seen much advancement and improvement in the field here. It is your complete fitness solution and is an all in one fitness and power trainer.


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