Home Sports Golf Ojee Golf Talon Is A Revolutionary ‘Golf Training Aid’

Ojee Golf Talon Is A Revolutionary ‘Golf Training Aid’

Ojee Golf Talon Is A Revolutionary 'Golf Training Aid'

Ojee Golf Talon Is A Revolutionary 'Golf Training Aid'

Ojee Golf Talon is a revolutionary golf training aid. The kit allows you to understand your problems and to correct the most significant areas of your golf game. And one of the main focuses of the wearable aid kit is to the setup position of the Golfer.

With the help of Ojee Golf Talon, the users can easily view their angles in real-time. This will help them in adjusting to an optimal position, which in result will allow them to hit a perfect shot.

TALON is actually a digital display unit that is easy to attach at the grip butt of any golf club in your bag and a separate belt with a digital back unit. The device conveniently manages to display the four critical angles of the address. The technology is still pending patent.

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Ojee Golf Talon Is A Revolutionary 'Golf Training Aid'The four angles which will be addressed by the Ojee Golf Talon are very crucial and includes;

  • Club shaft to spine angle
  • Spine angle
  • Club shaft angle
  • Rotation angle of the club face

The device is attached to the TALON gripper to any club. The alignment tool is used in order to do this. Users can get up to three grippers, depending upon the pack they have ordered. The TALON digital display unit simply clicks in and out of the gripper, allowing you to easily switch the unit between different clubs you may be practicing with.

When you are not using the TALON a smart rubber cap fits over the gripper protecting it in all weathers. It means that you can leave the gripper in place at all times. The TALON is ergonomically designed not to impede on any part of your body at any point in your swing.

Similarly, the TALON belt is simply designed to fit your body in a comfortable way. It secures around your waist measuring your spine angle.

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Ojee Golf Talon Is A Revolutionary 'Golf Training Aid'

With the help of a single click, digital display and back unit are switched on. Immediately, it starts to measure all the important angles and show them to you in real time. As you adjust your stance, club shaft and club face your angles of address are clearly displayed on the club unit, allowing you to read and replicate your perfect posture every time.

Ojee Golf Talon is a must-have wearable for all the golfers who want to improve their position and make it absolutely perfect. The digital display and back unit are charged via a USB connection and provide 8 hours of continuous use, which is enough for a good golf game.

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The device is available for £225.00 and can be ordered from here. You can also contact the Ojee team here for further queries.