Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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NURVV Run: Smart Insoles to Directly Measure Running From Under Your Feet

NURVV has unveiled a pair of smart insoles which will measure your jog and sprints directly from under your feet. NURVV Run, as they are called, will provide the wearer with guidance and insights on techniques to evade injuries and sprint faster.

NURVV is an outfit based in London, United Kingdom. According to the, NURVV Run as constantly been a subject to rigorous assessments and examinations over last three years. These insoles are implanted with 32 highly accurate sensors which function alongside two high accuracy GPS trackers.  These GPS trackers weigh no more than 22.7 grams each. Battery of these insoles can last for more as long as 5 hours after a full charge.

These insoles capture Data at the rate of 1000 times in a single second, that too on both insoles separately. This data includes information on step length, foot strike, balance and cadence. Wearer of these insoles gets feedback in real time visually, as well as in audio and haptic formats. These feedback includes information about workout techniques, support on attaining a personal target and personalized speed. These insoles can connect to Garmin and Apple Watches to deliver these alerts.

“Runners are able to collect a huge amount of data about each and every run they do. However, most of what they capture is historic, inaccurate and provides few insights on how to be a better runner,” Jason Roberts said. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of NURVV. “NURVV Run will revolutionize how people run by accurately capturing the metrics that matter most, directly from the point of action, before using live coaching to help them improve in a simple, easy-to-understand way.”

NURVV Run only costs $299.95 and can be pre-ordered online from NURVV’s official website at www.nurvv.com now. These insoles can prove to be very helpful for any kinds of runs be it a sprint or a jog. Shipping of NURVV Run will start from 20th January.

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