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NTT Announces Virtual Reality Training System For Professional Baseball

NTT Announces Virtual Reality Training System For Professional Baseball

NTT Data along with the famous MLB team, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagle have announced a partnership based on producing a complete virtual reality training system for all the players. The announcement was made on Monday, while, the declaration that the system would function to improve the performances of the players will commence from 2017.

The virtual reality system permits both the batters and the pitchers to exactly portray on-the-field situations on the virtually enhanced environment. Hence, all the man-power would be invested in improving the performance, but, without the hassle of actually going on the field or any sort of severe injuries before the plays.

NTT has developed the system and has bagged one of the most powerful teams of MLB and other Major Baseball Leagues. The company is shifting its scope to North America through the USA team to enlighten people about the system it has made.

As per the claims by NTT, the virtual baseball system has the capacity to create exactly the same baseball trajectory and behavior on the field with the help of footages gathered from the Golden Eagles matches. Additionally, batters can look to the data, pre-match, in order to count on to the pitch from their angles.

NTT has also stated that this is for the first time ever that a proper virtual reality training system is being applied in the professional baseball games. Finally, the Golden Eagles are ready to pro their game with this system: the regular training is slated to bring in 2017.

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