Monday, January 30, 2023

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Now Turn Any Ordinary Helmet Into A Smart One

Ahead is the device which instantly gets attached to the helmet. It also connects with your smartphone so you can stay in touch as well as be safe. It does not matter whether you are riding a bike or breaking a pipe, Ahead helps you focus and be alert. It keeps your hands free and your ears open.

It is extremely dangerous to use your phone or plug in the earphones while riding, you must focus on the road. Ahead is your companion and guide. It assists you in tuning into music or your navigation and phone calls without any hindrances.

Ahead has a clear voice capturing technology which makes you be heard even when you are rushing at 60km/hr blocking all the additional noises effectively. And it doesn’t even need any annoying and flimsy mic for it.

Ahead, instead of using the speakers transfers the sounds directly through your helmet via the oscillator attached to the device. This works effectively on any kind of helmet, it may be open, thin or padded.

It gets fixed to any kind of helmet with its three types of mounts, the velcro strap mount which is ideal for the bike helmets; the flat mount designed for flat surfaces like your desk for charging and listening to the device and finally, the curved mount which is designed for the curved and solid helmets of snowboarding etc.

Ahead is lighter than a wrist watch which fits in the palm of your hand, it is customizable, you can use the app in order to customize the gadget, with its IP45 dust and water resistant technology you can go out in rain without having the fear of ruining your gadget. The box in which Ahead is shipped acts as a resonator so if you are sitting and working while wearing your helmet, you can easily listen to the songs using Ahead.

The Ahead app is free and although you can connect your device via bluetooth without even using the app, it provides you a vast range of features and helps you customize the buttons on your device.


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