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Now get your massage while moving with Aira!

Do you have severe back pains? Or getting a proper back massage is a pain in itself?

Well! There is definitely something in store for you now. All those people who wish to have a tender and reassuring back massage brace yourself to hear this news.

A new upcoming product is based on this idea, that is, to provide you with a back massage while moving. The product named Aira, is a “mobile massage suite.” It will help you in relaxing your back muscles while you are out or in your home doing some necessary work. It means the days of the expensive back massage are long gone!

The product will come in the form of a cloth wearable. It simply means that no one can recognize that you are wearing something different because it will be available in the form of a simple hoodie.


A prototype for the upcoming wearable hoodie was displayed in the IFA week in Berlin. Aira is manufactured by TWare, a Singapore-based fashion and technology startup. The Aira will be capable of providing you with a proper back massage in the specific areas of pressure on upper and lower back. On the other hand, it will also provide you with the soothing and mainstream rhythmic massage.

The prototype for upcoming Aira's hoodie
The prototype for upcoming Aira’s hoodie

Aira works on the basis that unlike the common automatic massage chair, it will use proper pressure so that you have a feel that you are getting a proper hand massage. Your hands will be totally free while you have to wear a jacket for a relaxing massage, which will be based on deep pressure. It means that you are free to do anything while having your routinely massage.

The jacket can also be used as a part of normal attire when the massage feature is not being used.

TWare’s Product Manager, Tan Jun Yuan while describing his product said that;

“It’s 2 in the afternoon and you’re struggling to stay awake. Your manager almost caught you for sleeping. Coffee isn’t working and you need something to pull you through the day. What else can revitalize you, rejuvenate you? Well, we have Aira.”

This description supports our above assumptions that the real reason behind the development of this product is to soothe and relax you rather than tending to your sore muscles. But, on one side if Aira is true to the definition of a proper massage than it is also going to relax your back from any sore muscles. James Teh, CEO and Founder of TWare supported our idea by describing this product in a following way;

“If you’re commuting for long hours or being sent on business trips every week, you’re going to wear yourself out faster than you think. A handheld massager can help, but you can’t really bring it outside the house! Nobody wants to look silly, so we’re tackling this area for working adults.”

It means that simply when you are working late or are very tired from your hard working routines just wear this hood to give yourself a little time of enjoyment.

The Aira is currently under production. The team has stated that the product will be complete and available for pre-orders most probably by the end of this year.

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