Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Nokia’s OZO Bringing New Dimension to VR Experience


Nokia’s 360-degree OZO VR Camera has been a reliable name for shooting VR or 360 broadcast or even for professional filmmaking. Now, Nokia has been reported to pair with big names to come up with better products and better virtual experience for us.

“Nokia has partnered to produce and upgrade its products to provide brighter, sharper images, higher resolutions, additional info-graphics, improved support for 3D spatial sounds and more. Nokia is all set to upgrade already existing OZO Camera, Creator and Live, and to release new products OZO Deliver, Player SDK and Audio.” explained by Tarif Sayed, VR tech head at Nokia.

OZO Camera has been planned to be firmware and software upgraded to produces images with dynamic colors and ranges.

As Sayed told, the ultimate solution was to turn up to adaptive resolution, doubling it with true 4K-per-eye VR without massive excessive data, this problem has been tackled by OZO Live, Deliver, Audio and Player SDK.

Adaptive resolution allows to enhance the resolution of viewer’s field of vision and drops down in surrounding area. Broadcaster can also easily display info-graphics on top of VR broadcasts.

Nokia aims to achieve high standards of VR production and broadcasts and makes it feasible for filmmakers and production companies, for which they’re collaborating with names like Harmonics, Akamai and AWS Elemental.

Nokia is also trying to make OZO attainable by dropping the prices from $45,000 to now $40,000 and subsequent decrease in OZO Live price as well.

All set to dominate the production and distribution of VR, Nokia is pulling other names with it along for adoption of the entire end-to-end production platflorm.

“We have the vision of how the particular VR should be, and we are at the first step now, planning to make it bigger and better within years’ time”, claimed Tahir Sayed.

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