Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Nokia putting its name on all Withings gear, by this Summer!

Withings was a ‘WellCare’ strategy, which involved consumer facing-fitness tracking and high quality information for medical professionals especially. It was basically a health and fitness related brand. Talk of the town is, Withings is dissolving this summer. The team will adopt the name of its new owner, that is Nokia. Company’s products such as their scales, home security cameras and smart watches will still be in the market but they will have Nokia written on their exterior, instead of Withings.

This rebrand will have an update to Withing’s Health Mate app. This application will be designed for smartphones, through which data would be collected from different devices connected. This application is claimed to be much easier than the existing Withings software. The software works as a focal point for its consumer hardware, visualizing and tracking your weight, blood pressure and exercise. According to Nokia, the application will offer an improvised user experience and will undergo a redesign, too. This will make it easier to connect new devices and share progress with friends. Company is also teasing new ‘in-depth coaching programs’ which will go on for eight weeks and will include fitness plans for the users.

A patient care platform will also be rolled out by Nokia which would be aimed at healthcare professionals. This patient care platform will allow medical staff to remotely examine and monitor the health of their patients, intervening when any sign of trouble appears.

Some of Withing’s fans will definitely be saddened when Withings will retire but on the other hand, Nokia always had a sense of quality and promising trust attached to it.

Vice president of digital health at Nokia stated that Withings joined Nokia because both the companies share a vision to inspire individuals to take control of their own health. Both of these companies will reach out to more people and will leave an impact on more lives will a promise of quality, reliability and trust.

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