Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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No More Wearables For Intel

Intel Says Goodbye To Wearables

Intel has decided to part ways with its wearables division and will no longer be working on its smart glasses initiative. It is also plausible that Intel will completely walk away from the hardware ¬†aspect of wearables. This certainly means bad news for the Intel’s Vaunt smart glasses concept. Despite of being a promising project, this one too bites the dust.

Intel isn’t the biggest player in the wearables market but it has certainly tried to leave a mark. Its wearables division has about 200 employees. It is a major piece of Intel that will not work again.

Intel also has a bad experience with their Basis Peak smartwatch, back in 2014. They had to recall the smartwatches because of an overheating issue.

The Silicon Masters Failed To Diversify

After its failure with the smartwatch, Intel decides to venture out into the AR space. It also collaborated with Tag Heuer Connected range of smartwatches as well as New Balance and Oakley. But their role was limited to providing chips for these products.

Earlier this year when The Verge broke the story about Intel’s Vaunt smartglasses that look like normal glasses. It felt like like Intel might actually succeed in this. But sadly, that was not the case.

Intel has had their fair share of hardships and failures since they decided to get involved in the wearable industry.

Intel’s long standing stint with the wearable industry and AR is officially dead.

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