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Nix: A Smart Wearable Hydration System

Despite of all the recent technological advances, we still lack a device that measure fluid levels. Currently sweat rate and thirst depicts hydration level however, both are poor indicators as they often manifest pretty late when dehydration has already set in.

The problem with dehydration is that even in milder forms it can lead to cardio respiratory compromise, may deteriorate cognitive and physical functions and impair thermoregulation system of our body.

Nix has found a sophisticated solution for this. 

Nix is a consumer diagnostic company that decided to merge textile engineering with biometric sensors to design disposable, wearable hydration sensors that will monitor hydration levels in athletes in real time, therefore enhancing their performance.

Nix has collaborated with the world’s leading hydration experts and physiologists to design this avant-garde sensor which will help monitor hydration levels in athletes, laborers and soldiers for whom maintaining optimal hydration is the key to their performance and safety.

This smart textile engineering approach allows single time use with real time monitoring that is not battery operated. These sensors are self-contained and do not rely on an external device to relay information. They are made up of “stimuli sensitive hydrogels and nanoscale photonic structures” and are sensitive to their microenvironment; in turn they produce an analog visual signal. It sends cue to the user regarding any change in their body fluid levels and also informs them of the composition of their sweat. This makes it highly useful for athletes as they can replenish their supplies if there is any electrolyte imbalance or dehydration.

As these sensors can be altered chemically to become responsive to a larger range of stimuli, Nix is planning to diversify its use to suit multiple clients. These sensors can very well be programmed to cater to real time needs of the user so that a timely decision can be made. Nix is planning to expand these sensors to skin care, oral hygiene and neonatal nutrition with the help of its partners and proprietors.

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