Nimb: A Smart Ring that Keeps You Safe and Sound


Personal safety has become very important and essential for wearable tech. Many different successful campaigns have been launched on crowdfunding platforms to introduce this tech, the Nimb wearable has also managed to grab a whopping amount of audience.

Nimb Smart Ring will alert the specific select contacts of the wearers and local authorities with the help of GPS whenever there is an emergency. Of course, you need to alert the device! Simply press and hold the button present on the underside of the ring for three seconds. Doing this will alert your emergency contacts along with the location.

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Nimb: A Smart Ring that Keeps You Safe and Sound

Pressing the button is easy and you can do it with one spare hand too. But the button is hard enough and won’t be pressed with slight bump or accident. So, chill there! In case that you pressed the button by mistake, there is a 20-second slot in which you can cancel the alert. In order to cancel the alert, wearers will have to go to the Nimb app and enter their password. The password authentication is necessary so that no one else can cancel the alert.

Nimb co-founder Kathy Roma in a statement explained;

“Just in case the attacker forces you to cancel the alert, you can use a special password for forced cancellation. Your trusted contacts will immediately know that someone forced you to cancel the alert.”

With the help of a GPS, the location of the user will be tracked instantly, and once alerted your emergency contacts will be notified through the method you have chosen. The format includes calls, emails, texts, push notifications etc. Those who also have Nimb will feel a slight vibration in their ring when someone from their friends is in danger.

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Nimb: A Smart Ring that Keeps You Safe and Sound

You can also choose if you want 911 to be your emergency contact or not. In case you add 911 to the list, Nimb creates a robotic call option that goes to the closest 911 dispatch center based on your GPS coordinates. The message tells the operator the sender’s name, gender, and location.

Nimb has successfully managed to raise its Kickstarter funds with even 35 days to go. We are sure this is going to be the most successful campaign of this year, so far. Interested buyers can grab their ring for just $75 only. The final price would be $150. There are several ring sizes and colors to choose from.