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Nike’s smart sneakers

With market for wearable technology for sports poised to grow rapidly, we have already seen some big names launching themselves into this industry such as Adidas.

To continue to grow and innovate, Nike is stepping into the same direction. Document dated 29th December 2015 from the US patent office reveals to us that Nike is apparently working on a smart sneakers.

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If we are to believe, then we expect an activity tracker built right into the sneakers with all the features that one would expect in a fitness wearable device for athletes and players.

In the document, there are couple of pictures as well that illustrates what is in making:

sneakers with sensors

nike-appBased on the pictures, it seems pretty obvious that there is a sneaker in making however, Nike have not commented on this news yet but keeping in mind they have a history of innovation and leadership in footwear design and the competitors are not staying still, this could be available to market fairly quickly.

Ali Yaqoob
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