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Niantic’s AR Glasses could strengthen AR Gaming in Future

Niantic’s AR Glasses could strengthen AR Gaming in Future. Niantic is nothing else but the power hand behind Pokemon Go. CEO John Hanke has recently announced that his company is currently working on bringing a new innovative set of AR glasses in the tech market. Here’s a glimpse of the new gadget as per his teaser release.

Pokemon Go Maker Niantic Working on AR Glasses, CEO John Hanke Teases

Previously, Niantic has been very successful with its AR-based game Pokemon Go. After that, they have been extremely involved in the Augmented Reality spectrum. They have come up with other gaming giants like Ingress and Harry Potter:Wizards Unite. Currently, Niantic is working with Nintendo to come up with a AR-based puzzle game called Pikmin.

Pokemon Go got massively popular as soon as it was released in 2016. It was totally different with pokemons placed in real world places where people could actually go to find them. Millions of people got busy in looking for them outside. The game crossed  a whooping $3.6 billions in the fourth year of its launch. Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategy of Pokemon Go has changed drastically. Now it has become more stay-at-home friendly.

The trailer release done by John Hanke showed the glasses but there were no details related to the features and working of the upcoming gadget. The temples of the grey glasses with textured material and containing the orange Niantic logo was only revealed.

Nintendo and Niantic have now become partners in introducing more AR-based games. Pikmin, as mentioned earlier, will require users to guide plant-like creatures to complete puzzles. Niantic’s AR glasses will shape the future of gaming. It will strengthen the platform for AR based games. All gaming enthusiasts must keep an eye on this gadget, it must be something to look out for!


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