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NFL will employ three new technologies for a better experience!

NFL to use very new tech experience.

NFL is finally back among us! After renovating the lineup and extensive research for the new season, we are ready to be blowed by some quality stuff.

As we all know, technology is creating novelty in every field. Sports are also affected. With the competition rising among the teams, NFL has also adopted some technological strategies .It is making it interesting to see that the new season is already landing towards big success. Well! Good for the planners.

For all the NFL fans, who want to understand every aspect of the game and the teams strategically, we have identified three main systems that each team will be employing for better performance and optimal results.

These three key systems are:

  • Virtual reality,
  • Tracking systems
  • Broadcasting technology


We all know about the NFL’s “Collective Bargaining Agreement”. It prevents players and coaches form long meeting and practice sessions. Now, successfully this season is ruled by virtual reality. What a blessed use of technology; that now the quarterback will put Virtual Reality Goggles and successfully witness the match popping right In front of his eye.  It means that the long, sad and strenuous days are gone when players half-heartedly had to memorize the 300-paged playbook.

The Virtual reality experience will help teams by minimizing the physical strength and efforts. The desire to rest for significant time being and the time pressure will reduce dramatically. This particular technology will have an advantage over long runs for players.

Also, previously video footages were used by teams to weigh an opposing team’s potential or to improve their own performance. This is initially beneficial in gaining the mental advantage. It means that the constant VR of the match can help point towards strength or weaknesses or build strategies on many levels. The real-life footage is good on many levels but it can never point such delicacies.

Virtual reality is very significant for tech experts and team’s coaching staff as it will help hatch footage of every play in the playbook being run correctly to within an inch. This is specifically something a human eye can never notice.

The most important aspect of VR is that, NFL will now see some very clever tactics and strategies employed by the teams. As every coach and player will be observing details in intricate way, some new potential will definitely fold on the live screens.

It will not be presenting the most realistic version but that when the pressure mounts in a match, throwing the correct pass or running the correct route will automatically becomes second nature of the player.

VR is a good additional technology by NFL’s management. Many American Football teams such as San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots have already signed up for this capability though we anxiously wait to see if improves the game.


Zebra Technologies have recently developed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. These tags will produce the comprehensive data and minute details ever seen. The tags will be worn with Zebra processors on the shoulder guard of every player.

The exact use of these tags is that the upper portion of NFL stadium is lined with receivers (similar to cameras). The receivers will capture the player’s movement throughout the match. Through the receivers, which will collect the RIFD tag locations, the system will be able to know the exact location of every player within 6 inches in the field.

This, as similar to the VR technology, will help tech experts, players and coaching staff to better analyze the performance on the field. Another important aspect is that the information will also be shared with the health and safety experts who will observe and take steps to eradicate injuries to the players, most probably, concussion.

This wearable is multi-purposed. Apart from performance improving, the health department safety evaluation has its own value. This kind of technology, when introduced in NFL will make the nation-wide impact on the field of sports and the industry. It is something no one has ever witnessed before.

The possibilities that this technology is going to offer are endless. The players and rest of the management is definitely going to love this addition throughout the season.  The players will be able to gather innumerable data about themselves. This means that these tracking systems will also affect higher level of sport.


This is relatively not a new term, as broadcasting is practiced in many sports. But some broadcasting companies will now also experiment in NFL. These include the big names like Fox, CBS and ESPN. These companies will have cameras in the pylons of every venue to use for select games the whole season.

The broadcasting will help officials to observe through a larger variety of angles to make an exact ruling form. The camera will also benefit the officials to have a good view at end lines, goal lines and side lines.

When having an on-field doubt the cameras will help in easily answering the question that whether the ball crossed line or player’s knee was down or not. It means that this NFL is going to result with some very serious and accurate judgments.

One thing must be kept in mind that the cameras are not live broadcasting. They are only meant to give first or second look, when needed to form a judgment.

The broadcasting will help give people a greater perspective with the crucial movements of the game. It means that NFL should continue to employ it through the season for optimal results.

This time NFL teams will be quite in action to prove its worth among masses. Which such planning and action, not only is it going to improve the playing techniques but also the decision making and pre-planning of the games. Will it change NFL forever? Feel free to share thoughts below

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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