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Next Version of Tag Heuer Connected to Hit the Market Soon

According to various news and reports, the next variant of Tag Heuer Connected will be launched sometime during next year. The most likely time is ahead of next year’s Baselworld. Latest FCC filing has a lot to contribute to these reports.

This outfit based in Switzerland started its collaboration around four years ago in 2015 with Google and Intel to build its first ever Connected smart watch. So far, we have seen two generations of this smart watch. The inaugural Connected smart watch managed to sell around 15,000 units while the sales increased by almost 4 times for the second generation will managed to sell more than 55,000 units. At first these might not seem like very impressive numbers but considering the fact that both these smart watches cost around a 1000 US dollars put into perspective how big of a deal it is.

Last version of this smart watch was launched some time during 2017. With a choice of more than 4,000 distinctive combinations, this smart watch was an exceptionally customizable.

“We will have two major launches in 2020: a new Connected watch and a new Carrera. Those are going to be big, big launches next year,” Said Stéphane Bianchi. “New Connected watches will be unveiled in February and we will focus on the Carrera at Baselworld.” Stéphane is the Chief Executive Officer of Tag Heuer Connected.

A filing of a smart watch by Tag Heuer has also been made with the FCC under the moniker of SBG8A. This is interesting because previous two Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatches also bore similar kind of model numbers, SBF81 and SBF8A in particular. Although the filing does not disclose a lot about the specifications and features of this smart watch. For now, only information we have is that the next smart watch went through test for Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi tests.

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