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Next Generation of Big Bang Referee Smart Watch to Be Released by Hubolt

Hubolt has made plans to launch the next generation of Big Bang Referee smartwatches by next year’s Euro Cup. Chief Executive Officer of Hubolt, Ricardo Guadalupe established this news to Fortune India in an exclusive interview.

“We brought out a smartwatch during the football world cup in Russia in 2018 and will be launching a new smartwatch next year during the Euro Cup,” said Ricardo Guadalupe who resides in Switzerland currently.

He went on to add that Hubolt will keep on producing limited editions in terms of quantity instead of producing in masses like other major brands. Only a few months ago, Hubolt unvield Classic Fusion Chronograph which coincided with the ICC Cricket World Cup hosted by England and Wales this year earlier between the months of May and July.

This Cricket smartwatch was a lot like Big Bang Referee watch that was released for FIFA World Cup held in Russia back in 2018. Exactly 2,018 of these smartwatches were made available in market with each one of these costing around $5,200. These smart watches run on Wear OS operating system and come with themed goodies of World Cup.

Not a lot has been made public officially about the Euro 2020 Big Bang Referee Smartwatch but it is safe to assume these smartwatches will carry forward a lot of functionalities present in its predecessors. These include match informations, notification reminders for each match, substitutions, goals and time of play. A non-commercial variant of these smartwatches will also be available for the referees as well. Euro 2020 will be hosted by 12 Nations around Europe during the summer of next year. 24 teams from Europe will take part in this UEFA tournament divided into 6 groups of 4 teams each. 12 Cities are set to host this event with Wembly Stadium in London set to host the Semifinals and Final in July of 2020.

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