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New Smartwatch by IEVA Tracks Environmental Factors


IEVA has unveiled a smartwatch that monitors environment and keep a track on pollution levels. In addition to that, it also takes down data on your activities as well just like any other smartwatch.

Smartwatch market has started to saturate. It has become difficult to classify products in different categories and classes. IEVA has taken a new approach towards smartwatches with the launch of its IEVA Time-C smartwatch, which is claimed to fall under not only wellness category but also beauty products category as well.

But perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this smartwatch is its ability to monitor the environment. The watch tracks ambient temperature, sun exposures (UV index, UVA and UVB readings) noise, luminosity, humidity, outdoor and indoor levels of pollution. All these factors play a crucial role in affecting the skin, heart, lungs, muscles fatigue, wrinkles and more.

Time-C smartwatch raises the awareness among its users about the role these factors have to play on their aging and health. It also spits hair and skin care product suggestions in addition to tips on balanced diet. According to IEVA, some of the data gathered from the users is also shared to researchers and scientists to develop a better understanding of the change in climate and it impacts on us.

“We passionately believe understanding climate change and protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility.” Said Jean Michael Karam “By creating stylish products that show the impact of environmental factors on multiple aspects of our daily lives, we are motivating people to become more aware of their habitat and change their behavior for the better.” He is the founder and Chairman of IEVA.

Apart from this, this smartwatch has many other usual features as well which you could expect in any modern day smart watch as well including many personal health stats like steps count, heartbeat monitoring, sleep tracking and distance measurement.