Wear OS with OneUI

Perhaps the most important of all factors, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is equipped with innovative software. It will begin a new era of Wear OS.

Already, all Samsung watches are based on a Samsung-owned platform called Tizen. Tizen is designed around the circular dial of the watches. This makes the watch interface really responsive. It is really much successful as far as functionality is considered.

Since current-generation WearOS is slower and its apps collection is not really appealing, Samsung and Huawei shifted away from this one really quickly.

The new WearOS is very much like Android. It has allowed Samsung to redesign the look of the system. It has a OneUI software layer on top. With this addition, it will seem like an actual Samsung watch, rather than a Google watch with Samsung hardware.


Body composition sensor

The new Samsung Galaxy 4 will have a body composition monitor, apart from all other features of a fitness watch. This particular feature will be able to estimate the body fat percentage of the user. Also, it might be able to estimate bone and muscle percentages.

Usually, these sensors do not do a very accurate estimation, but it is rumoured that Samsung’s sensors will do a better calculation.

Improved battery life

The main question that everybody has their eyes on is related to the battery performance of this watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can perform continuously for around two days only. That’s too little a battery life, but still much better than an Apple Watch Series 6.

Since Google has promised substantial improvements with this new software, it is estimated that the battery life of this new watch will be longer. If Samsung comes up with an Ultra Lower Power Mode like that in Huawei’s recent watch, then the performance of this smartwatch will be much better. However, we don’t know whether this feature will be available in this model. With our current knowledge about the watch’s specs and design schemas, battery life of three days is sufficient.

So you just read about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs Watch 3. We can safely say that the new watch 4 will be quite different from its predecessors. There must be various other features and design specifications worth mentioning, we will let you know as soon as we receive more updates regarding this new watch.


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