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New ridiculous looking 3RDi camera- for the middle of your forehead!

A Camera strapped on your head? Does it feels comfortable, probably No! Well! A company has just come with such sort of a camera.


A company which is a Montreal, Quebec-based startup, named,3RDiTEK has come up with a new 3RDi camera. It is basically an ugly looking headband that has a built-in camera module on the front. If you want to capture moments around you and shoot the videos, all you have to do is to place the camera in between your eyes on the head. Interesting enough?

The new wearable can be used to capture POV videos, whether if you are walking, running, riding a bike or just chilling with your friends and so on. The camera will be paired through Bluetooth to a smartphone.  The footage or the video recorded can be viewed through your phone. It is operated through touch controls. Slide your finger forward on either side to start recording footage, Slide backwards to stop or tap for a single image.


The resolution of the device is only 1080p, so there is no chance that you are going to have some extra quality pictures. Although the prototypes are still in development phase, but the expected features include a microSD slot for increase storage, a built-in microphone, a flash, a microUSB port, Bluetooth connectivity,. There will also be a companion app for uploading pictures and videos directly to social media. The company founder claims that the device has got a stylish design too.

The idea by 3RDiTEK is currently up for funding on Indiegogo. The company is looking to raise $250,000. Early supporters will be able to purchase a 3RDi unit for $194 if/when it does hit the market.

Don’t expect the device to be in your hands soon, because the basic idea includes the shipment starting from Q4 2016. You got a full year to reconsider your options, indeed.







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