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New Polar Loop Crystal encrusted with Swarovski



Polar can be considered as the first proper and profitable fitness tracker around the globe. The company which was initiated in 1977 with the aim to develop around Sports and fitness technology has received acclaim globally.

Polar is accredited to be the first company of the world which developed a wireless heart rate monitor. Nowadays, Polar has its own lineup of smart wearables. But, once again Polar has taken lead on its rivals with a spectacular idea. The company has dredged its wearable with ostentatious Swarovski.

Polar is not the first tech-based company which has taken upon this venture. Swarovski has previously partnered with recognized brands like Dolce & Gabbana for its crystal covered headphones, and Misfit.

Now, Swarovski has partnered with Polar Loop Crystal. The Polar Loop amalgamates fashion and health tech together. It includes training guidance, smart notifications, inactivity alerts, sleep tracking and activity tracking.

The wearable has a shiny stainless steel bezel with total of 30 Swarovski crystals. The wearable has a feminine touch to it and it definitely looks like a bracelet.


Polar Loop Crystal will be available worldwide. It is priced at $159.90/159, 90€ (about £103, AU$220). The device is not only a stature of delicacy and feminine beauty, but it is a pre-eminent addition to wearable world.

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