Thursday, May 30, 2024

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New Home Fitness Interactive Device – LIMBIC

The new and latest Home Fitness Interactive Device – LIMBIC. LIMBIC converts your plain old wall into a fun interactive play screen where you can perform gaming and tracking.

The main LIMBIC device is mounted on a wall whereas a projector connected is able to project the game or activity interface on the wall. Once the program is loaded up, the display is visible on the wall. The user can now touch the wall or make different types of movements in front of the device. All these movements are recorded by 3D cameras and Lidar sensors all packed into the device enclosure.

LIMBIC is a home activity and fitness solution. Ideal for work out at home for anyone. With real-time workout tracking system, this device is indeed a really practical item for sportsmen and athletes. Easy to use and install, and can be used by people of varying ages and physiques.

Especially in these days while Covid-19 pandemic is on the rise, this new Home Fitness Interactive Device in your home environment can bring you fun and entertainment and physical activity all together within the confinement of your own house.


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