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New Balance RunIQ with Intel Inside – Made for Runners

New Balance, in collaboration with Intel has designed New Balance RunIQ with Intel inside. It is a smartwatch designed for runners, which helps in keeping track of the ability to run. It provides with complete range of features which help athletes in carrying out great level of performances. RunIQ is a perfect smartwatch accessory which you can wear everyday. RunIQ is priced at $299.99.

Key Features of RunIQ:

RunIQ is perfectly engineered by Intel to deliver great functionality and design. Some of the features of RunIQ are as follows:

Monitor Heart Rate: RunIQ is designed to keep track of your heart rate and help you to stay in the target zone.

Built-in GPS: RunIQ helps to track speed, track course and distance having built-in GPS.

Track Pace: It track intervals and time of running with one-tap LAP button.

Download Music: Playlists could be downloaded from Google Play Music. Moreover, you can store and sync music.

Sync with STRAVA: RunIQ has a built-in capacity which enable the runners to connect and share their workout records with a global community of runners without having a smartphone.

Great Battery Life: RunIQ has a battery life of 24 hours with continuous use. Moreover, it has battery life of up to five hours with continuous monitoring of heart rate and GPS.

Stay Connected: RunIQ helps you in staying connected via getting smartphone notifications and you can also reply instantly when you are connected to Wi-Fi connection.

The New Balance RunIQ is equipped with following:

  • Intel Atom processor Z34XX
  • Android Wear platform
  • Optical monitoring of heart rate (OHRM), GPS, gyroscope and GPS
  • 4 GB memory and 512 MB of DRAM
  • 1.39” AMOLED screen
  • It is available in Spanish, English, French, German, Korean, Japanese and Italian.

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