Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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New Balance Launches Its Fitness Tracking Smart Watch

Praise the fitness gods because there is a new fitness tracker in the market. The sports and fitness wear giant New Balance has launched its  own fitness watch which is now available on Amazon for preorder. The only downside is that it will be shipped in a month or two.

In partnership with Android Wear for software, Intel for hardware and Strava for run monitoring, New Balance has designed a watch that is especially for the runners by the runners.

The watch features builtin GPS tracking and heart monitoring to track your run. RunIQ’s activity tracking metrics include; location, distance, heart rate, pace and cadence. It also comes with physical controls on sides of the watch for one touch lap times. Additionally, it allow runners to use the watch even while wearing gloves.

What makes this watch a tough competition  is its seamless integration to Strava. It uploads your workout smoothly and helps you connect with a network of runners.

In parallel to the watch, New Balance has also formed the New Balance Global Run Club in collaboration with Strava, to help digitally and physically connect its users. The general appearance of the watch is sturdy and classy and it is water resistant to up to 5 atm pressure making it suitable for unexpected rain or even a quick swim in the pool. It claims a battery life of 24 hours with typical use and 5 hours of continuous GPS tracking and heart monitoring.

If you have an Android phone you can use Run IQ to connect to thousands of applications via Google play store. It also comes with voice control built in. RunIQ can also be used to play up to 50hours of Google Play music.

With these impressive set of features RUN IQ is at a relatively humble price. New Balance has also collaborated with Jabra to launch its very own wireless headphones, PaceIQ. They are lightweight, premium sound quality sports headphone with a secure fit.

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