NBA Players Striving Towards A New Future For Sports With Wearable Technology

The NBA and NBA Players Association have together reached a collaborative agreement to form a tentative partnership towards the betterment of the wearable technology and its use in sports. A new Collective Bargaining Agreement will reportedly work with a new deal for the progress of wearable technology.

According to the reports by Bloomberg, both the parties have formed an advisory committee to reach out an agreement over the use of wearable technology and the data gathered in games.

As for now, the wearable devices capable of measuring biometric data are restricted to be worn by the players during games. However, different teams have implied the use of different sort of technology in their practice sessions to get the date relevant to the causes of injuries, pressure and workload, and the methods through which the performance of the players can be optimized.

Although there is a boom in wearable technology, it remains to be seen how the data would be interpreted by the popular masses with the use of different sports wearables. What we are sure of is that the biometric transition may help the key subjects to identify the problems and even help in choosing the players for games.