Saturday, December 2, 2023

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NBA’s Player Matthew Dellavedova Banned From Using Whoop Wrist Wearable

NBA's Player Matthew Dellavedova Banned From Using Whoop Wrist Wearable

MLB committee has just recently allowed the players to use wearable tech during the games and practices. NBA teams are also using wearable tech, one way or that, during practice sessions and matches. However, a player has broken the code of conduct and the accord used by wearing a banned wearable during the session.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Matthew Dellavedova who is the point guard for the team has been using the “Whoop Wrist Wearable” for about 15 games. NBA was announced about the presence of the wearable on the wrist of Dellavedova from some sources. The player avoided the whooping fine, but he is banned forever from wearing the Whoop device ever again.

NBA has a very strict policy when it comes to the wearable tech of its players. Different rules and regulations have been appointed for a long time now. The reason due to which Whoop has been banned is that it doesn’t provide with the same data as Jawbone or a Fitbit.

The Whoop wearable is specifically built for elite athletes. The device can deliver instant data regarding stress and heart rate measurement when worn by the player. The device has a wider scope when measuring the stats and analyzing the player. Whoop prevents injuries by providing with actionable data. It even provides with different travel schedules which can affect a player’s activeness for the next game.

NBA has been the home ground of wearable tech for a long time now, even before MLB thought of allowing the wearables.  NBA teams like the Golden State Warriors are rendering the services of Catapult Sports devices to monitor performance in training. On the other hand, the Miami Heat has partnered with VERT to monitor the jump count and jump load etc of its players.

However, it is yet to see if the NBA committee allows the use of wearables in the final games, matches or not.

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