NBA Finals And The Smart Use Of Sports Technology


NBA Finals And The Smart Use Of Sports Technology

NBA is all geared up for the tech savvy NBA finals and the closing of one of the most famous leagues of the world. It has been proven that Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are the only two teams which belief in using technology to enhance their position in the leagues. Both the teams have shown interest in the most prominent wearables we have come to know today.

Both the owners of the teams, as well as players, have backed for different products and platforms for their teams to use. The owner of Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, and the owner of the Golden State Warriors, Peter Guber, has taken the charge to lead their teams with the help of wearables and technology.

Additionally, the Warriors’ Steph Curry has also adopted the use of tech in different ways. Curry has launched his very own social media platform dedicated to sports and the training. The platform is backed by a recent coaching startup called CoachUp. Steph Curry has also started the use of brain-zapping headphones developed by Halo Neuroscience to train and perform well. That is whole a lot of science and technology for one guy!

On the other hand, Klay Thompson isn’t also far behind. He has supported the use of ShotTracker to be used in games and practices for better output of goals and shots played. Last but not the least; the famous Andre Iguodala has invested in multiple Silicon Valley companies to gauge their technologies and data.

Coming to the other team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James is the biggest example of the use of tech and technology in sports. The player has built his tough body and a solid brand just with the help of the latest training technologies and the compatible data measuring digital tech.

Matthew Dellavedova is already popular for the use of Whoop wearable during the game. The player has been using the same wearable during practices to track his on-court stats more precisely.

However, this time, Kyrie Irving is also rumored to be touched by the wearable tech. The player was spotted wearing the device called as Subpac. Subpac is basically a patent-pending tactile audio device that transfers low frequencies directly to the wearer’s body and provides the ability to feel the music. When asked about the unique technology, he said:

“It’s a Subpac, you’ll be hearing about it soon.”

It is good to know that more and more players are adopting and appreciating the use of wearable technology. We all will be keeping a very close eye on all the other players and sports professionals to know which wearable has impressed them and which device will they be using. As for Kyrie, it seems that likes to play his favorite music while making his way through the games.


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