Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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NBA Collaborates With GameOn Technology to Launch Facebook Messenger Artificial-Intelligence Chatbot

As sports steps forward into the next decade of 21st century, it takes with itself Sports technology as well. Sports Technology covers everything from coaching and training to in game decisions and fan interaction with the sports. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are starting to play a huge role in these and it is only going to increase with time, as far as the circumstances suggest so far. Technology has also played a big role in the generation of revenue for big businesses as well by collecting gigantic proportions of the data showing shopping habits of the fans.

Artificial Intelligence is being used to cut down manpower needed for customer interaction and chatbots are being introduced for much efficient automated chats. With this goal in their minds, It was announced by NBA (National Basketball Association) that they have collaborated with a company known for AI Chatbot interactions called GameOn Technology. Fans of NBA will be engaged by GameOn Technology on Facebook’s very own messaging platform, Facebook Messenger. Apart from providing in-game highlight, it will also update the fans about news, previews, custom notifications, schedules, alerts on scoring and even some GIFs as well. A customizable experience will be offered to the fans based on the teams and players they support.

“The NBA chatbot provides another way for NBA fans to engage with our league when it is convenient for them,” said Coleen Kane, “We are fortunate to work with GameOn to create a truly personalized experience.” Coleen is the Director of Emerging Technology at National Basketball Association.

This chatbot will run on a special operating system called ChatOS which is owned by GameOn Technology itself. It was developed to offer a smooth delivery of content through voice and messaging applications in a much more direct manner to the brands so that they can set up their content and information around different platforms separately in the best possible way that suits their customers.

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