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NBA all geared up for the new timekeeping system!

NBA and Tissot partnered for a better gaming experience.
NBA and Tissot partnered for a better gaming experience.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is always active in partnering with sport wearable manufacturing companies or other such institutions which are actively taking part in making sports bigger and better.

Just now, on Monday, NBA partnered with the famous watchmaker Tissot, through which Tissot will be the official partner and timekeeper for the NBA, the WNBA, and the NBA D-League. It is an exclusive multiyear partnership. This deal is considered to be the most expensive and yet the biggest deal ever signed in the Tissot’s 162-year history. It is the company’s first ever deal with a major North American sports league.

The partnership is meant to give Tissot an authority to brand in all the clocks in NBA arenas, stadium, clubs and all other owned places, the licensing right to make the official timepieces and watches for the active teams. The most fascinating charter of the partnership is that Tissot will develop an entirely novel timekeeping system for NBA arenas which will be effective from 2016-17 seasons.

The NBA’s Vice President of Global Marketing Partnerships, Emilio Collins in her statement said that the need to form such partnership became necessary on the fact that it is high time now that NBA should get new in-game timekeeping system. Currently, the game clock used starts and stops with a button that is kept by the officials. The button is constantly controlled and backed by the official who is under administration at the score section. The most worrisome part for this system is that it is clichéd and it the clock timing is not in sync with those shown in the live Television broadcasts. This is really a big setback for the big association like NBA. The last time NBA had a full change in the system and the technology was in 2004 and that is a long lost story now.

The NBA management has also added some changes to the timekeeping system for current 2015-16 season. There will be 90 second times between starting lineup announcements and tipoff and at other stoppages during games. Tissot hopes to make the most intricate sports timekeeping system in history with all the starting and stopping that this new system will be tasked with.

The dire need of the deal is to make the new timing system for NBA before it gets noticed that the league is very ineffective when it comes to such technology. At this point it does not seem like a big change but with all the time system going automatic there will be a wipe out for the human error which will give players and officials alike a new peace of mind.

The deal seems is too good to be true. Let’s see what positive changes it brings along!

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